How to prepare for a wedding show if you're a bride...

October 1, 2015


If you've been to a wedding show, you know how overwhelming it can be. There are booths upon booths of vendors promising you that they're oroduct or service can will make your day perfect for the right price tag. All of them want to collect your information and all of them want you to commit right away! BUT DON'T! 


Weddings are expensive and just as you wouldn't run out to a used car dealership and buy the first car on the lot without a test drive, you shouldn't commit to a vendor at the show without having a private consultation with them! Use a show as a way to collect information. Pick up the phamplets of the vendors you like and pass on the ones you don't like or don't need. After the show, take a week or two to step away from it all. (Trust me the vendors will still be there in two weeks). After the information seems less daunting and overwhelming take it out and go through it. Browse websites and set up consultations. There is nothing worse than commiting to a wedding planner you can't work with or a photography you can't stand! A simple thirty minute coversation will tell you a lot about a business! Setting up consultations allow you to have one on one time with the vendor and to ask any pertinent questions as well as express any concerns. During your big day there are a lot of people and parts working together to make it go smoothly. The more comfortable you feel about the individuals you choose to invest in, the more relaxed your wedding day will be! AND IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU SO THAT'S HOW IT SHOULD BE!


As for those notecard things...Some brides prefill out stickers with basic info on it such as (name, wedding date, venue, email and phone) to make the wedding show process go more smoothly. On one hand, this is great because it makes it go quicker when every booth wants you to fill out a form. On the other hand, vendors generally use the time you are filling out your information to talk to you. I know you're thinking "so I don't want them to talk to me, I can read about their service/product" but just a simple two minute conversation can sometimes help you tell a lot about a vendors personality. As a bride you want to be valued by the vendor and appreciated as a person, not just seen as a price tag. So, the prefileld out information depends on what you want out of a wedding show and how much you care about your relationship with the people you hire to help you out on your big day! 


​Lastly, don't miss the wedding cake aisle. It's the best. 


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