Choosing your wedding photographer

October 8, 2015

This is a scary thought but your wedding photographer will probably be one of the most expensive parts of your wedding. And while that seems to be ridiculous, the fact is that photographs are timeless and priceless. Your wedding photographer may seem like a lot of money but they work countless hours pre-wedding to make sure they have a list and idea of exactly what kind of moments you are trying to capture and what kind of photography mood best suites you. They they not only take thousands of pictures on your wedding day but spend hours upon hours editing them to make sure that each photo is perfect. 


So when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer don't just do a quick google and book the first one you see! You may not be happy with the results you get. 


I recommend that you take a moment to do a little research. Try to find a wedding show where you can see a bunch of portfolios at once and then narrow down your choices from there. Then once you narrow down your favorites by looking through their website portfolio, schedule a consulatation! 


Be aware that all photographers handle consultations differently. Some will bring albums of work, some will bring slideshows, but those aren't the most important parts of a consultation. The most important part of a consultation is getting to know your photographers personality! Your photographer will be a big part of every special moment you have on your big day. I cannot stress how important it is for you to make sure that you get a long with them and like their personality. Sounds silly right? But it's not. If you liked their work enough to schedule a consulatation then their product is probably going to be well above your standards. However, if you book without a consulatation you risk committing to an over bearing photographer or worse a photographer that doesn't truely care about what you actually want on your wedding day! Lastly don't be peer pressured into commiting at the time of a consultation. If you go in wanting to book as long as the photographer seems great, then go on and do it. But if you want to meet a few others that's okay too. You're the bride. It's your investment. 


So in short, do research, don't be afraid to schedule a consulations and don't book until your ready! 

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