Ah Christmas at the Sawmill

January 5, 2016

Okay okay I admit it. I’m the worst ever when it comes to doing blog posts. It’s not that I mind doing them but more that they’re difficult to write. You see a lot of photographers love to write about the couple and their relationship, etc. but, really, there is so much more to that couple’s relationship than I’ll ever be able to speak to, no matter how many times I take their photo or talk to them on the phone. So it’s not that  I don’t want to write a blog post or that I don’t have the photos done to do it but more that I never quite feel qualified to speak about the truly magical moments that I’m blessed enough to witness throughout the course of a wedding. Because a moment that is beautiful to me has twice the meaning to the bride, the groom and the family that saw their relationship grow and flourish along the way. But anyways, here’s one of about fifty weddings I have yet to put on the blog. 


This was a quaint, cute, Christmas wedding at the Sawmill in Greenville, SC. And while the decorations weren't over the top, and the venue was more cozy than spacious there was not one detail left out of the day! Everything from the hot chocolate bar to the Christmas Tree guestbook came together to make the perfect Christmas moment. Here are some snap shots of my favorites :)